The arthritis is widespread disease in human population. Only in the United States more than 42 million persons suffer from arthritis, and every sixth owing to this illness became the invalid. It is necessary to notice that among invalidity reasons in this country the arthritis is on the first place. Arthritis (from Greek arthron –

Arterial pressure is a pressure of blood in large arteries of the person. Arterial pressure is one of the major indicators of functioning of the organism, therefore for each person is necessary to know its measure. Increase of pressure upon each 10 mm hg increases on 30% risk of development of cardiovascular diseases. People with

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract, manifested by attacks of breathlessness, often accompanied by coughing and may develop into asphyxia. This happens because respiratory tract has hypernormal reaction on different irritator . In response to a excitation, they become narrower and produce a lot of mucus, interrupting the normal flow of

Hair – it’s a fair mirror, “issuing” a lot of information about each of us: the degree of well-being, mental and physical health, lifestyle, habits, attitudes towards self and others. Alas, too many things in life affect the condition and appearance of hair, so our hair requires daily attention and care. Hair is a very

Allergy – a heightened sensitivity to different substances, manifested unusual reactions when in contact with them. The immune system as a result of imbalance in their functions, begins to respond to the most common substances as dangerous, triggering appropriate protective processes. Hence – the symptoms of allergies such as rhinitis (runny nose), lacrimation, rash …

Insomnia is more often a consequence or any mental infringement, or heavy over fatigue. Two types of the nature are distinguished which involve treatment. If the impossibility to fall asleep is caused by the mental reason (for example, depression or the raised uneasiness) treatment of these mental frustration, most likely, will eliminate a sleeplessness. The