Arterial pressure

Arterial pressure is a pressure of blood in large arteries of the person. Arterial pressure is one of the major indicators of functioning of the organism, therefore for each person is necessary to know its measure.
Increase of pressure upon each 10 mm hg increases on 30% risk of development of cardiovascular diseases. People with raised pressure suffer 7 times more from infringements of brain blood circulation (strokes), 4 times more often – an ischemic heart trouble, in 2 times more often – defeat of vessels of feet. It is necessary to begin from measurement of arterial pressure searching the reason of such frequent displays of discomfort, as a headache, weakness, dizziness. In many cases pressure constant control is necessary, and measurements should take place several times a day. Even absolutely healthy person’s arterial pressure isn’t constantly normal. Pressure can raise, when the person runs, carries out any physical activity, emotionally reacts on various reality situations etc. But as soon as action of this or that factor which has served as the reason of increase of pressure stops, it returns into normal state within 5-10 minutes. If pressure decreases slowly or doesn’t decrease in general, it can be a sign of development of hypertensive illness. The lowered arterial pressure, or hypotonia is a consequence of the lowered tone of vascular system. Because of weakness of vessels blood circulation is slowed down,and all bodies and systems, including a brain paternal worsens oxygen feed go down. Raised pressure symptoms are expressed in the constant feeling of weariness , raised sweating, drowsiness, headaches and flashing of front sights before eyes, up to dizzinesses and faints. All it negatively influences intellectual and physical capacity. However, the lowered pressure can not prove so visually. In rare instances the hypotonia doesn’t demand intervention of the doctor. Medicamentous treatment of the lowered pressure includes appointment of preparations on the basis of caffeine, the vegetative preparations possessing stimulating effect. With hypotonia it is useful to begin day with a cup of well welded coffee. The purpose of medicamentous treatment of an raised pressure is decrease in arterial pressure (not simple pressure decrease, and elimination of the reason of this high pressure).

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