The arthritis is widespread disease in human population. Only in the United States more than 42 million persons suffer from arthritis, and every sixth owing to this illness became the invalid. It is necessary to notice that among invalidity reasons in this country the arthritis is on the first place.
Arthritis (from Greek arthron – a joint), group of articulate diseases of an infectious origin or developing as a result of infringement of a joint trophism. The arthritis can be independent disease or display of any other disease. Pains, reddening, tuber, deformation, infringement of function of joints, rise in temperature local (integuments over a joint) can be Arthritis signs. Treatment: elimination of a principal cause of the Arthritis or treatment of the disease which have caused development. Depending on character of the Arthritis appoint antibiotics, hormonal preparations, anti-inflammatory and sedatives, physiotherapeutic procedures, medical gymnastics, etc

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