Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract, manifested by attacks of breathlessness, often accompanied by coughing and may develop into asphyxia. This happens because respiratory tract has hypernormal reaction on different irritator . In response to a excitation, they become narrower and produce a lot of mucus, interrupting the normal flow of air during breathing. Asthma is phenomenon of all ages, but most often occurs in children – half of them then “outgrow” their disease. Now, more than 300 million people worldwide have the disease and their number is constantly increasing.
Depending on the asphyxia emergence cause asthma is subdivided into allergic and non-allergic . The factor that asthma is allergic , is that there is recrudescence when in contact with certain allergens (pollen, hair, house dust, certain foods), are seasonal. Attack of allergic asthma is often accompanied by a runny nose, symptoms of vegetative dystonia, urticaria.When non-allergic asthma there is a chronic inflammation of the airways overly sensitive. Any irritation causes the bronchus spasm, and air flow is limited, which leads to bouts of coughing and choking.There is a vast number of causes an asthmatic attack . For example, the sharp odor – tobacco smoke, household chemicals, soaps, perfumes, exhaust fumes and other. Researchers around the world came to a disappointing conclusion: one of five asthmatic disease owes his profession.Asthma symptoms can also occur within minutes of physical activity – it may be, for example, physical exercise associated with the inhalation of cold, dry air – such as running outdoors in winter. In such cases we speak about asthma of physical effort.Attack that occurs when taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs shows the so-called aspirin-asthma.The cause of asthma induced by food additives, may be, for example, reception of sulfites (preservatives for beer, wine).
Treatment depends on the period of illness. During the attack it must be quickly cut short by bronhospasmolytic medicines.

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