Depression? There is a way out

How to understand depression? The main sign of depression is the lowered mood,or its total absence. You see the world in grey colors , and the feeling of senselessness of an event makes up for melancholy. The person’s sleep is interrupted, appetite decreases (frequently up to full food disgust), internal pressure can be intolerable, and full apathy can begin.
The person, suffering depression,unsuccessfully tries to engage with something, hoping somehow to get rid of burdensome thoughts, or lies down in bed and wants to do nothing. He may become embittered and irritable, may cry all day long, and can not cry at all.
Depression, like any phenomenon, of course, has a reason: sometimes obvious ( loss of the loved one, unexpected parting, work loss, etc.), sometimes hidden (when a person thinks: “all is good”, and in fact something is bad).
Anyway depression begins with the alarm often imperceptible.
How to cure depression?
Without treatment depression can last 6 months or longer.
Today a basis of treatment of depression are medicines. Also the psychotherapy and an electroshock therapy are applied. The combination of these kinds of therapy is sometimes used.

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