Illnesses of a gastroenteric path

During the last years the quantity of diseases of digestive organs has sharply increased. Gastroenteric diseases is a big group of the illnesses defeating the anatomic area with the same name. Among all pathology it is possible to allocate some the basic groups of diseases: infectious and noninfectious (by the occurrence nature), defeating gullet, a stomach, small intestines or a thick gut, (by localization), hereditary and acquired.
Risk factors of illness development
Improper feeding
Irrational combination of products, unbalanced on albuminous, fatty and carbohydrate structure, diet infringement (rare, the big portions), the use of fast food, hot spices, decrease in the maintenance of a rough cellulose in products,
Smoking, alcohol or drugs,
Reception of medical products,
Contact with infectious patients,
Non-observance of rules of personal hygiene and ways of preparation of foodstuff,
Residing at ecologically adverse regions,
Genetic predisposition to the illness.
The basic symptoms are: belly-aches of various character and localization, a heartburn, a nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea or a lock, an abdominal murmur,tongue accretion occurrence , raised aerogenesis, an unpleasant smell from mouth, raised salivation, disgust for any products.
Infringement of function of a gastroenteric path adversely influences a condition of all organism, being shown in the form of infringement of a metabolism, defeat of a skin and immunity decrease.
To prevent serious consequences, it is necessary to care your health. In time not cured gastritis can turn back as a result a stomach ulcer, and colitis malignant disease.

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