Why 66% of men and 38% of women worldwide suffer from significant hair loss.Why do we lose our hair?

Hair – it’s a fair mirror, “issuing” a lot of information about each of us: the degree of well-being, mental and physical health, lifestyle, habits, attitudes towards self and others. Alas, too many things in life affect the condition and appearance of hair, so our hair requires daily attention and care. Hair is a very sensitive “barometer” of the malfunctions : medical and genetic problems, medication, stress, aggressive environment, causing them serious harm. As a result, thinning hair, drop out a lot more than grow, there are bald patches and hair loss occurs (alopecia).
It is established about 50 causes of hair loss. These include genetic (hereditary) and non-genetic factors: hormonal, imbalance, diabetes, thyroid disorders, bacterial infections, anemia, stress, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, poor nutrition, excessively high or low temperatures, chemical damage, bad drugs hair, low-quality hairdressing tools, certain types of hairstyles.
Nowadays there is a number of medicaments for hairloss treatment which will help you to avoid and prevent this problem.

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