Win a fungal infection!

In medical practice, fungal nail is called onychomycosis, where “onychite” means nail, and “mycosis” – fungal infection. The disease is not as rare as it might seem. Onychomycosis is spread all over the world and coveres up to 40% among all nail diseases. The main causative agents are dermatophytes fungi (fungal parasites of the skin, hair and nails). Both men and women are victims of onychomycosis with equal success. Risk of disease increases with age. Fortunately, children suffer from onychomycosis much less frequent. Yet to exclude child from the risk group dermatologists can’t. Important role is playing the state of the organism as a whole. Your risk increases in case of the broken leg vascular tone, such as heart failure or varicose veins. The same can be said of the violations in the endocrine system. Diabetes is a weighty reason to keep an eye over the condition of the nails, because in such cases, the defeat of the fungus can be especially difficult.
Settled on the skin fungus parasite, is able to poison everyone life. Female victims of a fungus are primarily worried about the outer side issues – cracked, scaly skin, yellow, crumbling nails – but, according to the doctors openion, the aesthetic problem is not the main. This is a serious disease that requires long-term treatment.
Lingering onychomycosis can cause an allergic reaction, weaken the immune system and lead to recrudescence of chronic desease.To avoid trouble, we have to be careful. Troubles take place visiting swimming pool, sauna, gym and even the beach. Fungal spores can withstand desiccation, heat to 100 and freezing to -60 degrees C. They are able to survive “attack” of disinfectants, which are normally used in public places. But more often (up to 65%), infection occurs in the family.
Adherence of simple rules will protect you from disease:
on the beach walk only in sneakers;
Taking a bath, sauna or swimming pool use closed rubber slippers to protect against splashes;
Wipe dry after washing the feet, especially the interdigital folds, and treat them in the prophylactic antifungal cream or a special powder;
Do not wear someone else’s shoes;
Change your socks daily and stockings.
Noticing the signs of fungus, do not expect that everything will disappear by itself. Currently there are highly effective medicines of general and local action for fungal infection treatment.

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